Colorado Fine Art Giclée and Digital Printing

"Orchid" by Susan Garment

"As an artist, Why should I make Giclee fine art reproduction prints of my work?"

  • It is easier to sell ten giclee prints at $100 each than it is to sell one original at $1000.
  • It gives more people the opportunity to enjoy your beautiful work.
  • Giclee printing allows for short runs of reproductions of your artwork to be produced. As few as one! Giclee is a very cost effective way to reproduce your work.

"Is Giclee printing going to give me the quality I need?"

Yes! With today's color management capabilities and printer technology you will be hard-pressed to see the difference between your original and a reproduction.

What makes us different?

  • Over 20 years of custom printing and digital printing experience
  • Exacting quality and attention to detail

Welcome to Make my Giclee, a Colorado Springs, Colorado based fine art digital printing firm.